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Solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

BPen Grain Produces 100% Organic Wheat, Corn, Barley & Livestock.

We Are Always Available To Meet Your Bulk Premium Grains Demands.

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About us

The BPen Grain is locally rooted, Well recognized, High Performance of Wheat, Corn, Barley. Our passions are wheat, barley and corn. Our dedicated team committed to cultivating the future of specialty grains and plant-based ingredients.

    The president of BPen Grain is Brandy Pennington. Brandy obtained a Master in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Texas A&M University.

       All of our livestock are humanely raised on pasture. Our products are all non-GMO (non genetically modified), certified organic feed — and are free of all hormones, steroids, antibiotics, medications, pesticides and herbicides.

Latest News 

Considerations When Planting Winter Wheat After a Spring Crop

October 12, 2020


After harvesting soybean, corn, grain sorghum, or other crops, winter wheat can be seeded in those fields during late summer or early fall. Management practices for wheat after corn or grain sorghum versus soybeans may differ due to the difference in the amount and type of crop residue after harvest.


Start the Wheat Season Strong

October 26, 2021


As you look forward to a new year, the time to start thinking about spring wheat is now.

Setting a strong foundation at planting is the key to optimizing yield potential in a crop. Here are important factors Montana growers should consider before planting spring wheat: 


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